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What Do You Wish?

What do you wish you had done last year? Last month? Last week?

What do you wish people had known about you, you had said, you had let go of? Could you begin this year, this month, this week doing exactly what you wish? Why wait?

While careers can feel like we never have enough time or (gulp), we have too much, the thing you wish you had done is still in your power to do. The inspiration for this thought comes from my favorite question to ask in a mock interview.

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Once you know what is important enough to regret not doing or saying, you can begin again from that point and go from wishing to doing. You, yes you, have the power to position yourself for success.

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The 1 Power Everyone Seems to Have

This is the 1 superpower that Leaders, Coaches, and Job Seekers can use to their advantage.

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Titles Matter

Think of it this way: It’s not just what they call you, it’s what you call yourself.

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Scared or Sacred

What can you do to shift from being scared at a career crossroads to seeing it as a sacred opportunity?

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