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Tiffany A. Dedeaux

Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)

As a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with 15+ years of empowering purpose-driven professionals to work outside the box of expectations and routines to redefine what is possible, I partner with leaders across the technology, consulting, sales, marketing, and design sectors.

Inspired by her Master’s in Psychology and Cultural Transformation, I’m a cross-pollinator that believes in the power of reflection, practical application, and celebrating victories

Using a co-active coach approach that helps purpose-driven professionals and impact-minded visionaries to find their voice and prepare to rise and meet every challenge. Her clients drive change at ABC, Microsoft, Expedia, Facebook (Meta), Indeed, Boeing, and Amazon.

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How to Stand Out: Be You

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Convenience vs Significance

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Preparing for a Tech Revolution

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