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Who We Are

Vision, if it is anything, is your life story in action. ~ Steven Foster with Meredith Little

Sacred Time

Sacred Time is an intentional practice to set aside time each day, week, or season for Divine inspiration. This experience, especially if you go outside, can help you process the changes occurring in your life as it ushers you through them. The logo is that of a deer with budding antlers. This is not only meant to lure you into this new adventure but to remind you that even a gentle touch can be transforming.

Sacred Time began as an adventure tour through the heart of Australia that helped to expand the world, open the minds, and fill the hearts of the participants. As a practice, we will work to facilitate the same kind of life-transforming experiences that give you a chance to be heard and live according to your passion and purpose.

Tiffany A. Dedeaux
Tech Career Coach

As your Certified Tech Career Coach and Resume Writer, I can help you navigate change by focusing on personal growth and career satisfaction.  My background in psychology and journalism allows me to serve as a cross-pollinator of ideas with a keen ability to leverage the power of story.

In addition to supporting career changers, I partner with leaders across the technology, consulting, sales, marketing, and design sectors to have greater impact with their careers.

Miriam Meyers
Tech Resume Writer

As a Resume Writer, I’m passionate about helping professionals at all career levels reach their full potential. With thousands of resumes written across all sectors and industries, I have a knack for turning ordinary resumes into extraordinary career stories that help candidates get noticed in an increasingly competitive job market.

My expertise lies in highlighting unique strengths, accomplishments, and transferrable skills that showcase my clients as standout candidates. Combining creativity with a keen eye for detail, I enjoy collaborating closely with my clients to understand their goals and aspirations while tailoring each document to their specific needs.

Lauren Miura
Communications Coach

Lauren Miura, a Communications Career Coach, helps mission-driven professionals grow, succeed, and make a positive social impact in the world. As a leader Lauren will help you discover and leverage your unique strengths, passions and purpose. 

With 15+ years of non-profit experience Lauren understands the importance of service in purpose-driven careers. As a working mom with two daughters, Lauren creates a supportive coaching environment so you can explore possibilities, dream big, and keep moving forward. 

From shaping your professional narrative to devising a strategic advantage in the job search, Lauren has you covered! 

Lauren Miura, Social Impact Career Coach

Do You Have a Passion for People?

If you have a passion for people and you want to support the Sacred Time mission of empowering purpose-driven professionals and impact-minded visionaries to work outside the box, you are invited to Become a Partner.