We need not carry the whole load but can share it with others, liberating us and empowering them…The great community asks us to do only what we are able and trust the rest to other hands. ~ Parker Palmer

Those that we trust to help carry the load and walk with us in a journey of nature exploration and personal awareness are included here. 

Sacred Time | Partners

Please check them out and support them as you are able.


ResumesByRecruiters is a resume shop created by a team of professional recruiters who have reviewed over 12,000 job applications.

With every application, we had a chance to see firsthand what separates the good from the great candidates, what makes the difference between a rejection and an interview invitation. Simply put, we have seen what works and what doesn’t.

To help job seekers show their best in a job search, we put this knowledge into practice and created a collection of professional and functional resume templates aligned with the resume-formatting best practices. Each resume comes with a step-by-step resume writing guide filled with expert advice, examples and actionable tips.

For those looking to present their experience in a unique way, we also create custom designs tailored to a specific role, industry or personal preferences.

We strongly believe that with our solutions anyone can easily create an interview-winning resume and start their job search on the right foot.

Kaf Adventures. Dream it. Do it.

KAF is a dedicated community of professional outdoor recreation guides who love educating and developing other outdoor enthusiasts into confident wilderness travelers. KAF Adventures is dedicated to self-discovery, wilderness skill education and leadership development through outdoor recreation, adventure travel, and wilderness exploration.

We always strive to maintain an awareness of our impact on the natural environment and of different cultures we visit. From indoor rope handling courses and wilderness backpacking trips to ice climbing and bouldering in India, KAF Adventures offers courses, guides and custom adventure travel for every climbing level.

With guidance and education, beginners are transformed into experts with the ability to join our community on amazing excursions to international climbing destinations like Thailand, Mexico and Africa. KAF is also passionate about providing a space for quiet reflection and personal growth. Through our yoga and backpacking day and overnight trips, our community is able to step away from the chaos of modern life to be reunited with the wonder and beauty of the natural world.

Want to Empower Others?

If you’re looking to empower others to work outside the box, you have two ways to make a difference:  Become a Sacred Time Partner.

Become a Partner

If you own a business or run an organization and you want to join forces to help build a supportive community of healthy contributors to our society, let’s get together and talk.   Together we will collaborate to share our gifts and make referrals in exchange.

  • Social Media support
  • Marketing materials
  • Newsletters or blog subscriptions

Schedule a Partner Discovery Call with me today, and let’s get to know where our missions meet.

Thank you for choosing Sacred Time to join you on this journey.

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