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Honest vs. Relevant Sharing

Whether you are looking for a new role or positioning yourself for career advancement, not everything you can put on a resume is relevant. This, I find, is especially true for mid-career professionals.

Since I specialize in tech and have a background in communications does it matter to you that I have an Emmy? Because I have pivoted my career that much I often forget to bring it up even when it is relevant, like the time I got a job doing video for a software company.

When I begin working with Job Seekers feeling stuck on what to say and where to start in their story, I find it is often because they are often oversharing for the sake of being ‘honest.’

Tiffany Dedeaux unpacking her Emmy

Yes, be honest. Yes, be transparent. No, don’t tell your life story to someone who just wants to know what you did last week.

I coach people to be their authentic selves and to recognize the intent behind the content of the question. Oh yeah, and also I have won an Emmy in my previous work as a Video Editor.

If you need help workshopping your pitch, check out my online career course How to Rewrite Your Career Narrative.

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