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Roadblocks, Qualifications & Limitations

My first role during my career change from Emmy-award-winning Video Editor to Software Trainer was a contract that took me across the United States, Australia, and into Toronto, Canada. My role was to show up at TV stations, train them how to use video editing software and serve as a consultant during the launch.

Why is this significant? This was 2007-2009 and I did not have a driver’s license or Uber. I would do it all again, but to be honest, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I just knew I could do the job and that someone believed in me because a referral got me the gig

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Everyone just assumed I could drive and rent a car during my travels because no one knew differently. I was always on time and did my job. Well, I did second-guess my life choices walking along a road without sidewalks in Tallahassee and trying to walk to work for an overnight shift in Philadelphia, but I made it through, and I have no regrets.

By only focusing on what I could do, I redefined what was possible for myself and had the best, most transformative experience of my career and my life! How did I get around? I walked, bussed, learned to ride the subway in Toronto, and occasionally carpooled with colleagues. Oh, and I ended up calling a cab in Philly.

As I help people prep for job interviews and do a bit of oversharing of all the things they are facing I can’t help but smile and wonder, with the opportunities we do have, are we being limited or are we limiting ourselves?

P.S. One adventure from my time in Australia is detailed in my book The Way Maker: Lessons in Leadership from the Outback.

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