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Cover Letter Salutations – Tailoring Job Applications

By Tiffany A. Dedeaux  

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Now, I have gotten the question: When do I need a cover letter? Do I need one? My short answer is yes. My longer answer is yes too because it shows an effort. It’s about the strategy in how you wish to indicate that you want the job.

So, my original approach when working with job seekers has been this: if you want the job and there’s an opportunity to put in a cover letter, definitely do that. This extra effort is your chance to stand apart and also to show that you want the job. I frequently see some of the rejections that different candidates get. Recruiters state they’re looking for applicants who make that additional effort, which many times can be an indication to put in the cover letter.

If the cover letter is not required, that could be another bonus point. You never know when a hiring manager does want to see a cover letter and just didn’t put it in the job description to see who would go the extra mile. However, if the cover letter is required, you want to attach it since part of your evaluation process is that you can follow directions.

The exchange and the testing to see if you want this role and if this is going to be a good fit begins with this application. Something else to consider is whether there’s no opportunity to add a cover letter. Don’t worry, you’ve got that opportunity to put a profile statement or a summary at the beginning of your resume, which can be very helpful in introducing yourself.

When you think about it in real life, when we’re all face to face and shaking our hands, asking for something just seems rude. I like the idea of introducing myself in that situation. And that’s what that resume summary or profile statement says to me: it’s a mini cover letter that affirms ‘I’m not just going to bombard you with all my gifts and talents and what I can offer. I want to get to know you and connect with you.
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