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Active Waiting

By Tiffany A. Dedeaux 

Photo from Joshua Earle on Unsplash

With all the different career maneuvers that I have been doing over the years, I realize I do not like waiting by the phone for somebody to call, so, what are some ways that I could be empowered? The idea is to feel confident and empowered and not like a victim or a passive target. Find ways in which you can do different things to be ready for that opportunity that shows up. One could be reaching out to people and getting more information. Another may be that way that can inform your application or the interview when you get the callback. It can also be taking X amount of time to fill this role and sit on that application.

I am going to keep looking so that I may or may not be here by the time you are ready to reach out to me.

A lot of different career specialists compare job searching to dating. That is what I think about also when it comes to sitting and waiting by the foam. Mothering is as demoralizing as waiting for somebody to call who you think should have called by now.

But also it comes to knowing your value by considering how precious you are. The time that you have to spend on different things may be used to put your application out there. They can take all the time in the world they need, but you are not going to wait there. You are going to keep looking, keep applying, and keep building that momentum. Then, you can be in the best position possible. Momentum brings confidence and confidence keeps building that momentum. From there, the job search tends to accelerate to the point where it can be uncomfortable when you have multiple opportunities or multiple offers at once.

Know that this is a good position to be in because you do not feel it is an all-or-nothing proposition where if you do not take one opportunity, nothing is going to happen. Due to that reason, a lot of what I might recommend has to do with owning your power, seeing the value in what you offer, and holding that sacred.
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