Career Q&A | March 2023

Career Q&A
There were a lot of questions that came my way this week. Here is a sampling of what was asked and my written response.
How can I use my transferrable skills to get more job interviews?
By aligning your resume’s skills section with the keywords from the job description. This could be in the requirements/qualifications section at the bottom of most job descriptions or in the role responsibilities/daily duties.
What levels of roles should I be looking at?
Consider using to compare the expectations for different levels to see where you believe you fit. If you think you can do the role the key is to make sure you are clear about that in the resume when you apply and then in your answers when you interview.
What industries and roles should I be targeting?
Use keywords to search job boards (i.e. strategic partnerships) to determine what is available on the market. By not being limited to an industry or location you get a bird’s eye view of where you could land. From there read the job description to make sure your interest aligns.
How do I market myself more effectively?
By tailoring your resume to the role you are applying to.
How do I get companies and recruiters to contact me?
Find an ideal job description and tailor your profile to it.  The skills, duty, and summary sections of your resume are great places to include keywords that will attract recruiters.
How do I tap into the hidden job market?
By networking with hiring managers even when there are no jobs posted on job boards or on their websites. By making a positive impression you can be top of mind when they are looking to hire and reach out to you before they even write a job description.
While these are broad answers to questions, I am happy to talk to you about your unique situation.  Here is where you can find me:

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