Wounded Heart

ST Wounded Heart TitleHas something happened at work that has you roaring with pain on the inside?  Or are you so deeply wounded you’ve been hiding?  Sometimes change doesn’t just cut, it wounds.  I can help you acknowledge, address, and move past your grief so you don’t get stuck.

Whether by choice or by chance, you’ve had to let go of the people, places, or work that you’ve loved.  This seminar is a great way to address tough situations before they come up in interviews or impact the success of your next venture.

You’ll be supported through nature, metaphor, story, and compassionate coaching that meets you where you are, and reflects the strength you have within yourself to embrace healing.

This program opens as a group session in the Autumn.  If you are ready to heal, you can book a 1:1 session here.

Thank you for choosing Sacred Time to join you on this journey.

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