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Wins, Woes, & What’s Next

The stress of the market with tech layoffs and global teams requiring relentless meetings has me noticing a trend:

Acknowledge the Wins

In coaching, I have learned to ask what someone is taking away from the conversation but a refreshing shift is in asking about their wins. There are so many ways where we do not feel like we are winning that to be asked that feels like a tough but welcome question.

What is not lost on me is that even though I have a years-long recommendation that we celebrate the victories, I have to pare that back into a first step or a pre-step of even acknowledging when wins occur.

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Unpack the Woes

While previously I noted that I’ve found myself suggesting that leaders are more powerful than they think they are – when they are sitting in front of me feeling like they have no ownership of their calendars – I am finding that the woefulness of the situation does need to be unpacked so that we can get underneath the surface to what will make a difference.

What’s Next

It is important to acknowledge and celebrate wins because as soon as we have completed a task or notched that victory, the next thing on our to-do list is asking for attention. For example, I have been helping leaders achieve promotion and their bosses already ask, what’s next?  We partner to address issues, leading their teams or direct reports to get promoted and bosses ask, what’s next?

Right now career satisfaction feels like intentionally letting go of toxic productivity and pacing ourselves to savor the moments of rest and accomplishment while acknowledging there is more to be done because we are in it for the long haul.

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