Why Hiring Managers Don’t Call

By Tiffany A. Dedeaux

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In an article of Why Hiring Managers Don’t Call there are six reasons why you may be left wondering why the didn’t call.  To me, it’s a lot like dating.  Your gut or your on-the-ground intelligence may be able to tell you why you didn’t get a call back.  In some cases you may never know.  Here are two other reasons to consider:

  1. They think you’re overqualified.  If you suspect that may be why you haven’t been hired consider thinking through the reasons why and preparing to explain yourself in the interview.  Not sure if this is the case, run through your details with someone you trust.  My husband is the one who pointed out that I might need to explain why I left Seattle for Bellingham.  Answering that question made all the difference on one assignment I was able to take on!
  2. The position no longer exists.  I once interviewed for a role, did all the proper follow-up and still didn’t get a call back.  It turns out, I was told much later, that the position was on hold.  I happened to be near the office some time later and saw that the woman I was considered to replace was still there!  There have been times when I’ve interviewed for a role and it wasn’t clear until the interview that there was never a job available, the hiring manager for simple getting his ducks/resumes in a row.

Why Employers Don't Call

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