Is it too late to make a career change?

I operate from the belief that there is no age that is too late for change.

I have worked with enough clients to see that some have either been talked out of their first choice for a career or they have put their dreams on hold to handle family, personal, or health situations so whenever the opportunity presents itself, we work together to transform their career into something that is more aligned with their original vision.

About Sacred Time

Sacred Time is an intentional practice to set aside time each day, week, or season for Divine inspiration. This experience, especially if you go outside, can help you process the changes occurring in your life as it ushers you through them. Our logo is that of a deer with budding antlers. This is not only meant to lure you into this new adventure but to remind you that even a gentle touch can be transforming. As an organization, Sacred Time’s life story began as an adventure tour through the heart of Australia that helped to expand the world, open the minds, and fill the hearts of its participants. As a practice we work to facilitate the same kind of life transforming experiences that give you a chance to be heard and live according to your passion and purpose.
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