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Time Ownership

Hourglass half buried in the sand. Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

Reframing time management as time ownership shifted the perspectiveof the leaders I work with and also myself. At first, it had me helping visionaries build awareness that they are at choice for how they spend their time, that what they have to offer during that time is valuable, and just like the money funding the vision, it must be budgeted.

Time, especially when freelancing, is often tied to a calendar. To shift from filling a calendar to creating more fulfilling opportunities consider the following topics:


  • TIMING: If your default is to rush to meet a moment because someone asked, identify when and where you are at choice so you can exercise agency when needed.
  • AGENDA: When you stop prioritizing your agenda it can lead to resentment and frustration, recognizing this as a choice can also help you calibrate your calendar.
  • ALIGNMENT: Identify when what you are doing aligns with your goals and when it doesn’t so that you can be more intentional about where you spend your energy.

To help build awareness around these topics, shift your focus from the future or the past to the present.  I’m told that’s why they call it a gift. 😉

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