The Stories We Tell

By Tiffany A. Dedeaux

Money wasn’t important, a client once insisted.  That was until everything became about relationship and she reframed how she saw money.  My client’s relationship with money needed to be put in balance, along with everything else in her life.  Money then came to represent the relationship she had with herself.  If she put money aside for retirement, she was putting herself first. I bring this up because Seth Godin has posted that money has value because we assign it value based on the stories we tell.  Those stories are powerful.  If we change those stories we change the way we value money.

Think about this in your relationship with the rest of nature.  What stories do you tell about the rest of the planet?  How might that impact your relationship as a part of that whole?  Thinking about it now, how would you change the story?

About Tiffany A. Dedeaux

Tiffany is an ICF Career Coach and a cross-pollinator of ideas with a background in broadcast journalism, social and ecopsychology, and coaching. Tiffany’s nearly two decades of experience has helped her to identify the power of story in connecting us to each other as well as to our environment. A believer in the power of reflection, practical application, and celebrating victories, Tiffany understands that the more we all live our dream, the more we can model it for future generations.
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