The Need to be Done

DoneBy Tiffany A. Dedeaux

I have learned – even though I may need reminding – to enjoy the journey and rest even in the middle of an unfinished project.  I call this intentionally setting aside time – Sacred Time – for divine inspiration.  It is the foundation for what I’m transitioning to:  helping to deepen your awareness so that you can feel empowered to make informed decisions that will lead you to live a life of passion and purpose.   For me I see change as beginning with awareness…that still small voice deep inside that may tell you something needs to change or tells you point blank what needs to change.  The more time that goes by when this voice is unheeded, the louder it gets until you will not be satisfied until a change is made.

There might be a time when that voice is quiet but in reality all of life is a cycle, so like a tree expanding to fit in another year of growth, you soon begin to hear the voice say it is again time to change.

Think about what you are looking to wrap your arms around.  How does the need to be done factor into the imbalances in your life?  My need to be done is not only impacting how much I eat when I don’t keep it in check, it could impact how much rest I get or how much quality time I spend with my family if I’m in the middle of a work project and I don’t have that sense of completion at the end of the day…

Are you experiencing ‘the need to be done’ in your life?  How does it show up?  Can you trace it back to your childhood?

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Dancing on the edge of finished

About Tiffany A. Dedeaux

Tiffany is an ICF Career Coach and a cross-pollinator of ideas with a background in broadcast journalism, social and ecopsychology, and coaching. Tiffany’s nearly two decades of experience has helped her to identify the power of story in connecting us to each other as well as to our environment. A believer in the power of reflection, practical application, and celebrating victories, Tiffany understands that the more we all live our dream, the more we can model it for future generations.
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