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The Journey is Yours

By Tiffany A. Dedeaux

This is my journey.  That is the realization of one pilgrim Walking the Camino.  She had her brother and son in tow which gave her time to prayerfully walk on her own because her brother could watch over her son.  There were times she seemed distracted or disappointed by the antics of her non-believing brother but that’s just it, he wasn’t doing it for the same reasons she was.  To get what she needed out of the journey she cut ties with him and, essentially found her own way.

Between my junior and senior year of high school I was tapped to attend Girl State.  This is a program where girls in each of the 50 states meet in their individual capital cities to learn about and set up a mock government.  I was the alternate…the second choice.  I got to go because, for whatever reason, the first choice declined or couldn’t attend.  This was obviously a common theme in the program because someone got up in the stage and, as part of their speech, talked about how it doesn’t matter if you were the original choice or the alternate; you were meant to be there in this moment.  There was much to come from that experience but the key part is that I realized during that time that I wanted to go to a four-year college rather than a vocational school, and thus began my journalism career.

This is your journey.  What can you do to own it?

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