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The HERO Years

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By Tiffany A. Dedeaux

There is an arc to life and whether it trends up like a frown or down like a smile depends on what happened and how you label it.  What happens between the beginning and end of the arc is where I come in as a personal coach.  This is the liminal time…a time of transition…a threshold.  How you choose to respond to this time will define it…it will define you.  If you choose to engage by choosing life and all its challenges, you will find that these years are when you have the power to be your own hero.

You have to choose whether you rise to meet the challenge or sink under the weight of it.  It is a rite of passage.

The H in HERO is to HEAR THE CALL.  You have entered a phase of adulthood after living an unfulfilling life.  You crave for things to change but you realize that there is a process of letting go because what you hold onto holds you back.  To be your own hero, it is not enough to hear the call, you have to answer it.

The E in HERO is to ESCAPE THE PAST.  For some this is easy to do.  Perhaps you simply edit your story.  For others this is a significant extraction.  There must be a plan, a physical and emotional act of moving on, and the repercussions of that decision.

The R in HERO is to REACH FOR SOMETHING MORE.  You are not making change for the sake of change, there is something missing that you are in search of.  You reach a point where it’s about where you’re going more so than where you’ve been.  The important thing to realize is when there is a lot of letting go you must work to focus on the new blessings that are now allowed to come.  As you reach for what is next it is also important to realize that there will be a hole for what is no more.  Be careful with what you fill it.

The O in HERO is to OVERCOME YOUR FEARS.  Just because you take a step and things change doesn’t mean the work is done.  Change is a constant movement until it becomes routine.  Adrenaline can carry you in the beginning, but when that wave has passed and the doubts have a chance to settle in, it’s important to remind yourself that you had a reason for leaving what was.  You heard and answered the call of what will be.  Now you have to decide if your fear is a warning or an obstacle.

This arc is a way to tell your story and what you’re going through.  It can appear to be an eye for the vision of what has not yet manifested.  It can also appear to be an open mouth for the truth that you are to speak.

What part of this process rings true for you?

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