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The Door: An Opportunity for Choice

wall of doors, all are white except one is yellow. Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

By Tiffany A. Dedeaux

To tell the truth what disturbed me the most about the Seven Day Rule episode of The Good Wife was the reminder of how ugly jobs can seem and the notion that you’re not supposed to care how or why a door of opportunity is opened because your employer is not there to make you comfortable.  What turns my frown around is remembering how I felt when I went through a life redirection and changed my career to fit my life and not my life to fit my career.  I realized not only that I had felt stuck but that I feared I was as replaceable as HR said I would be. 

hand dropping glass of water with goldfish flying out. Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

At the time the idea of staying the same until retirement was unbearable so to create a life fit for the person I was becoming, I walked through the door of opportunity and found out that even as I have been replaced three or four times in almost six years, I have also been wanted and valued everywhere I’ve gone and created a legacy for myself that I’m proud of.  This experience was an important lesson in learning to value myself.


It does matter how or why a door of opportunity is opened because if you consider the perspective that your employer is not the one signing the check but you, the one selling the services, then you’ll realize it is up to your employer to make sure you’re comfortable.  If you’re not comfortable with the door of opportunity that is open before you, it’s your choice to walk through or walk away.  As my mom puts it, just because an opportunity shows up doesn’t mean you have to always take it.

Would you cease to pursue an opportunity if you didn’t like the way the door was opened?


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