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Take a Different Route

Part of breaking out of the box of routine is to do what you wouldn’t ordinarily do. This could be just enough to change your perspective causing a breakthrough or much needed inspiration. Recently construction near Birch Bay in Blaine, Washington led me to find another way to the Bay and that simple act, with my husband led to exploring new houses and neighborhoods we’d consider moving to. We also saw houses made in our favorite styles or expressing ideas we hadn’t considered such as daylight garages and office space in the front of the house. The new route also gave us a chance to explore and expand our sense of place. Now Birch Bay isn’t just about a strip wall leading to a long stretch of road, but the journey is about open vistas and green rolling hills. In fact, my husband grew up in the Midwest and loved how diverse the landscape was during the drive. I wouldn’t have known that if we’d always traveled along the highway for the most efficient route! Don’t wait for construction, find a new route to work, home, are to any of your favorite haunts. What did you learn about the area (or even yourself) by taking this new path?

Photo by Aditya Saxena on Unsplash

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