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Releasing + Receiving

Eclipse photo by Photo by Bryan Goff on Unsplash

With the total eclipse, new moon, and equinox signifying a time of releasing and new beginnings, what sticks out to me is how some activities have a dual nature. For example, every ending is a new beginning, drinking is both action (pouring) and reaction (receiving the pour). 

Coaching, as I see it, is you both sharing your experience with your coach and doing the work necessary to progress toward your goals. Coaches, at the same time, are holding space for us to share and also co-creating the awareness it takes to transform our situations. 

In this moment of both releasing what has come before and receiving what is to come, I see a trend in clients who are angling themselves for promotions, and that is the need to: 

  • Release expectations for how or when promotion happens because of the market and the input of stakeholders 

  • Receive new information to improve positioning including how to increase personal visibility, executive presence 

  • Release old ways of working (teams, titles, processes), especially when going from Maker to Manager  

  • Receive new ways of measuring success like tangible products in favor of empowered teams and influence  

  • Release what promotion needs to look like 

  • Receive available growth opportunities, giving yourself credit when you have already done the work without the title

I had to release the expectation that I would publish this last week in favor of receiving the benefits of connection at an in-person event. The key to navigating the in-between is to recognize the moment and that the needs have changed.  Based on the moment you are in, what are you noticing?

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