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Relational Pruning

While pruning is not necessary for the survival of plants, it can be necessary to help you focus on what you need to do.  If you’re a business or in sales, firing lousy customers allows you to focus on the core group of great customers you can then offer discounts and special attention to.

Those who hesitate to prune customers are operating from fear; in this case, fear of losing customers where anything you can get might seem to equal survival.  Not sure this is true?  Who is your favorite customer?  Focus more on them for a while and see how that exchange makes you feel and impacts the relationship.

What if we were talking relationships in general?  If you’re looking to increase your energy level or your productivity what if you start by doing an energy audit and look at all the relationships you are involved in.  Which relationships energize you and which ones deplete you?  The same goes for time.

Which relationships take more time for the value they deliver and which ones are ‘easy breezy’ and flow regardless of what’s going on in the rest of your life?  Are there relationships that are proving to be valuable and others that are proving to be obstacles when it comes to your goals of having more energy, more productivity?  If so, then try asking for changes in the relationships that are proving to be obstacles – pruning branches such as activities, topics of conversation, etc – because “it is amazing how much you can get accomplished just by asking for it.”


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