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Reframing Career Change: Why it’s Actually a Career Evolution

For all intents and purposes I am a career changer.  I went from being an Emmy award winning video editor to a software trainer to a career coach. After supporting others during this journey I have come to believe that there is no such thing as a career change even when you feel like your career has nine lives.

Making it Make Sense

In what began as an exercise to make a resume make sense I began asking clients what inspired them to enroll in their education program, take the first role, and the next, and the next. Since my gift is in connecting the dots between ideas I was able to see a pattern that they couldn’t:

Each career ‘change’ is just a different expression of the same gift.

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For example, my first entrepreneurial enterprise was about taking raw video and crafting succinct stories with or without scripts. Sometimes crafting resumes feels a lot like the same process of finding the storyline that ties it all together.  In realizing that my original tagline – giving your vision a voice – still applies to my work as a Career Coach I have noticed that this happens with my clients as well.

Follow the Storyline 

Think about the parts of your career story that didn’t already seem like it fit. When you think about it from the standpoint of what parts of your gift it allowed you to express and what are the similarities from that vantage point, what changes?

Why This Matters

What this shift in perspective can allow you to do is realize that even in a new industry you are not starting from scratch. Instead, you are leaning on your previous experience to figure out how to succeed in this new experience.

What changes for you when you shift your perspective?

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