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Not Loving Your Job?

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Not loving your job is a data point to help you turn things around.

It does suck not to feel good about your work, your role, or your work situation. The suck is not where you have to be stuck. I empower leaders to have confidence in their careers by helping them own the power they do haveas a way to change their situation. As I map this out I am seeing this as the 3Es.


To redefine what is possible, I begin by expanding how we think about a situation. This means that instead of ‘this situation sucks,’ we can shift into ‘what can we do so this doesn’t suck so much?’ This expanded thought has had us leaning more into what is within our control to change. Change we must, to not be stuck in the suck. Read that again aloud, if you need that to happen.


The suck of the situation can come because we expect something to be different. Recognizing that we want something different, we now can identify what we want, what it would take to change it, and how hard we want to work for it.


After we expand the thinking around a situation and agree on what the expectations are we can evaluate the options to determine what happens next. There is rarely one way to accomplish a single goal and that includes job search, career change, and career advancement. The key to being and feeling authentic in the approach is to lean into your strengths to get it done.

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