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Normal is as Normal Does

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Am I normal? That is a question I get asked in one way or another as leaders work to unpack their challenges and try different modes of being. As an optimist who sees the glass as half full and strives to empower, coach, and be a cheerleader for leaders who often see things differently, I also recognize that there is no comparison because you are unique.

I find it frustrating when I do not have or get answers. I get it. At the same time, I realize that the reason why I do not want to answer this question is because I don’t want to limit the person asking.While there is comfort in knowing there are commonalities with other leaders, and we are not just being buoyed about on the ocean of our thoughts, ‘normal’ is a limitation and comparison is the vehicle.

Normal is a Limitation.

Comparison is the Vehicle.

In truth, I work with visionaries who see steps ahead of where most people can, and are often thwarted by naysayers who cannot see past the hand in front of their face. This is also a time, without football, when I catch up on movies and shows like The Marvels and Ms. Marvel and I get to see what I’ve been missing.  The most beautiful thing was said in the last episode I watched:


“There is no normal. There is just us and what we do with what we’ve been given.” ~ Kamala Khan to Kamran

What will you do with what you’ve been given?

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