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Next Level Job Search

By Tiffany A. Dedeaux 

Photo from Carlos Esteves in Unsplash

The first thing you want to do in the next level job search is take your lessons learned. There are certain things that people keep asking you. Maybe it is not enough experience. How do you handle that rather than continuing down the same path that has gotten you to this point where you are not any closer or does not feel like, or seem like, you are any closer to where you want to be? Come up with a strategy of how to handle it differently, change things up, take a new perspective.

And maybe there is a different way that you always wanted to answer that question. Now is the chance to start experimenting with that. Also, in a next-level job search, take this from a numbers game where you feel like you got to get a job and you start throwing applications out there.

We call it the spray-and-pray approach. But what have you flipped the script on yourself? Disrupt your job search, go through and write it down, and approach it like a relationship-building exercise instead of a numbers game.

Be more intentional with the communications that you set forward. Do not just send out a follow-up because you are supposed to send it. Check-in with the person, how are they doing based on our conversation: ‘You were having a tough time before, and I just wanted to check in on you.’ Also, find out the progress that you have made or what are the next steps for us to continue this conversation.

So, if you are doing a numbers game, you will not do all those parts to connect with the other person. This is what I mean by relationship building. You want to make this a relationship-building exercise if you have done anything other than that, leading up to this point.

Part three of doing a next-level job search is to make sure that you make time for self-care. The way that I see it is you cannot pour from an empty cup to an empty cup. Take time, take moments where you can pour into your cup so that there is something that you can give to the rest of the world. What is it that fills your cup? Set aside time, and set those boundaries. If you are in the middle of a job search and you need that job, you are going to approach an interview more empowered if you have gotten some rest, sleep, or non-screen time -whatever it is that you need (timing, nature) to feel full of joy, of hope, of love. Doing that for yourself means that you will have more to present and a glow about you when you get into that interview. People are going to be attracted to that energy that you bring. And if you do not bring any energy, why do you think somebody else wants to bring that? They do not want to lift you and lift themselves.
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