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Move Forward in Faith

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By Tiffany A. Dedeaux

This was a day where the church I’ve become a member of voted to call a person to be their senior pastor.  The big deal about this, for me, was that when the congregation opened up and asked questions someone asked “but what if they leave?”  A member of the hiring committee noted, ‘that’s our wounding but that can’t hold us back.’  We have to move forward in faith not in fear.

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Recognizing where you are wounded—how that colors what you do and what you say—is important because you not only acknowledge that you’ve been hurt but that you are held back by that hurt.

Once you admit you are hurt you can heal.

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This is what I realized when I quested in 2010.  This is the idea behind my seminar, Wounded Heart, and it is why I welcome wounded workers to meet with me to acknowledge and work through their pain.

Come, let’s move forward in faith.

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