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Magic & Mastery

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My commitment to continuous learning means that everything I do is designed to help me be better in supporting professionals during their journey to career satisfaction. I relaunched my book club internally and then opened it to the public with the idea that everyone who participates could read different books and still come back to discuss it for deeper learning.

During this last season, I craved fun reading where I could be entertained. To my delight, a non-coaching related book that was recommended to me began my journey into reading book series that involve magic. Some of the books and series I have readmeant I had to be open to worlds and topics that had me setting aside my own biases. Without delving too deep, because to each their own, I marvel at how I still see this relating to professional development.


I am a fan of metaphors for opening up understanding, so, for context, I see magic as a symbol of the unique abilities that we share with the world. Based on this, some insights from my reading include:

  • What makes us different from those around us is our superpower, part of our calling
  • Some are called to write the instructions others follow
  • Age and experience both add value and can limit our vision
  • Youth is not a reason to shy away from opportunity, it’s the chance to surround yourself with mentors who can help you develop your gifts
  • Those who encourage us to hide our gifts have an agenda; it is up to us to discern if that is meant for our greater good
  • Embracing the next level of mastery is about integrating our past and present talents


Throughout all the series I have devoured thus far, there is a theme of the main character feeling different, of being called to lead, and of hiding or not truly understanding their innate abilities. This is a true Hero’s and Heroine’s journey that has me realizing that sometimes understanding requires context.

As this is my credential year, it is not lost on me that every Heroine’s internal battle has been mastering the next level of their gift.

What are you reading and what have you learned?

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