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A lot of times due to the way that the pandemic has changed things, I get a lot of questions around how do I address my layoff, especially because it was not for cause when I am interviewing for other companies. One recommendation that I have is that you just simply state it was a layoff due to COVID-19. It was a layoff for restructuring. And then you explain to the employer why you chose their particular job. What that does is two things: it addresses the fact that there is nothing to worry about; this was not about anything to do with your performance. And it drives the conversation in the direction where you want it to go, which is why you chose this role.

So anything that you could do in regards to that can be helpful. There can be a lot of questions that come up about how to address this in the hiring situation going forward, not just now that the pandemic seems to be taking this whole other level. A good rule of thumb to also consider as you approach these different questions because of the pandemic and how businesses are restructuring themselves in handling situations is to consider where you are going and not just where you are coming from.

What I mean by that is there is that adage or example that says you want to dress for the position that you want. You want to talk about the position that you are going after so that you are not stuck dealing with the grief stress or frustration that might have originated in the place you are coming from. So, a good rule of thumb is actually to focus your branding materials and the conversation on where you are going and not so much on where you have been.
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