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Lantern to Light Your Way

Sacred Time

By Tiffany A. Dedeaux

I met someone recently who asked about the logo for my coaching practice, Sacred Time.  I admitted to her something I realized a while ago and that was that the same letters that spells SACRED also spells SCARED.  When I attended Girl State, as I wrote in the last post, I was away from home in the capital city.  I engraved SCARED in my notebook.

Using the same letters to spell different words is, as I recently found out, called an anagram.  The person who was checking out my company logo noticed the antlers and mentioned that the anagram for ANTLER is LANTERN which she liked because it represents lighting the way.  I also loved that idea that she thought of me and my practice in that way.  The deer is meant to gently lead you into adventure.

Later she realized it was ‘almost’ an anagram.  Almost counts for some things although not for anagrams.

What is a single word to describe your situation before and a single word to describe your situation after your transition?

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