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Just Need a Chance?

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Need someone to give you a chance? What if that One is You? Here are three ways you can help decision-makers see when going with you is a no-brainer:

  • Connect the Dots: Help decision makers choose you by connecting the dots even if you think it is obvious. Chances are it is only obvious to you, especially when leaders can have many things on their minds at once.
  • Get More Information: If you don’t have enough information to connect the dots, ask questions because the more you know the better you can position yourself as the right choice.
  • Take Ownership: The trend is to create a career path instead of being handed one, making it easier for you to get a chance if you can see and lead people to understand you’re ready for an opportunity.

While this puts the ‘burden of proof’ square on your shoulders, you are the only expert on what you can do. This also means that if you don’t believe in yourself, it is more difficult for others to believe you’re the one they’ve been waiting for.

SPOILER ALERT: You’re the One you’ve been waiting for.

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