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How to Stand Out: Be You

‘Cos there’s only one you.

That is the answer I gave during the International Women’s Day Celebration in Seattle and to a client recently, now let me explain.

Some of us don’t look like you’d expect, especially in tech. I know this and then I forget. It hit me once while giving a talk to PyData PDX and I saw the organizer, and only visible woman (other than us speakers), put on a bright shade of red lipstick to make a point. I got the point loud and clear.

To be able to show up in a space and be your full, authentic, vivacious self, you would need to know what you need in a place and do your research. This is why I recommend InHerSight as a resource, because it provides new language and metrics for evaluating workspaces. Looking at a company’s event photos to see who attends and the about page to see who is in leadership also helps. In Ethics and the Earth Missionary I go deeper into my philosophy on how ‘we can co-create our lives from the interactions we have as a person-in-place.’

In a job search you’re not selling yourself, you are selling what you can do. You are not selling what you know about a tool, a platform, or a syntax, you are selling what you can do with it. 

So to stand out do not tell them you are a problem solver, tell them you get what they are going through, how you know, and how you can help. You are selling your approach to problem solving based on your unique experience. That’s why diversity matters. You are diversity.

‘Cos there’s only one you.

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