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High Flying Decisions

83247302874By Tiffany A. Dedeaux

The winds were so strong in Birch Bay that the normally placid water turned into white-capped waves that beat on the shore.  For a brief moment I thought it would be great weather to fly a kite.  In my mind’s eye I could see the colorful expressions dotting the grassy knoll of Zuanich Point.  Then in the next moment I discounted the idea saying to myself, ‘the wind is too strong’ and I went about my day.  I don’t even own a kite so I’m not sure why this was a conversation to have with myself.

A few hours later someone came in with their rainbow-colored kite asking for scotch tape.  It was then that I realized that simply transporting a kite could cause a tear that would threaten flight, not just the act of flying.

Risk can be found anywhere, not just in where you choose to look.  As I consider this I can’t help but realize that the greatest moments of my life have been the ones when I jumped at the chance to soar without first shooting down the possibility.

What can or has kite-flying shown you about how to approach decisions in your life?

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