Gender Diversity: How to be Part of the Change


Bridging the gender gap is not just about getting women into tech roles, it’s about keeping them there so that they can progress into leadership. Without opportunities for advancement or work/life balance, women will walk away from their careers. This can be seen across the industries as women make up 33% of junior roles but only 9% sit in the Executive seat.

How can we build better, more diverse teams? The answer for our organizations and ourselves can be the same two lessons from the fireside chat:

Get out of your comfort zone. For a company, getting out of a comfort zone can mean something as simple as realizing “culture fit” is not ‘an excuse to hire more of the same.’ For an individual it can be realizing you have your own biases. Farnaz Azmoodeh, Director of Engineering at Snapchat, tells a story where she caught herself showing prejudice. It was in that moment that she realized bias is not something ‘out there’ but something that is inside all of us.  Now when she is approached before a meeting and it is presumed she is not in charge, rather than correct or admonish the person, Azmoodeh will continue to speak with them until she calls the meeting to order and they realize their error.

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