For Such a Time

Esther haram

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By Tiffany A. Dedeaux

One of my favorite books in the bible is Esther.  I relate to her because of the powerful question that we all have to answer:  were you born for such a time as this?  I also found solace in how she went through a long preparation period before she found her king.  It was a year in waiting, a year of preparation, a year of saying the right things.  That is how I read it.

Recently, without knowing my affinity for the story, someone mistakenly called me Esther. In that moment I realized that just like animal encounters can guide you, so too can other elements that are attracted to you:  like names and stories.

What or who has been attracted to you lately?  What lessons did you learn?

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About Tiffany A. Dedeaux

Tiffany is an ICF Career Coach and a cross-pollinator of ideas with a background in broadcast journalism, social and ecopsychology, and coaching. Tiffany’s nearly two decades of experience has helped her to identify the power of story in connecting us to each other as well as to our environment. A believer in the power of reflection, practical application, and celebrating victories, Tiffany understands that the more we all live our dream, the more we can model it for future generations.
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