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Fire Your Manager

By Tiffany A. Dedeaux

My approach to career has always been like it’s a business. Since my first job out of college I was branding myself with matching calling cards and labels for my portfolio. I was told that that was inappropriate and that dampened my spirits until I realized that when I’m outside the box others tell me I don’t fit in. Fitting in may feel great but it’s not necessarily the best thing for you in your career or your business. If everyone does the same thing, what’s the value in picking you? Studying ecopsychology is the same thing. It didn’t and doesn’t always fit in with what people understand but if you explain it just right they understand and your connection grows. It sets me apart as a coach to the point where clients pick me because I incorporate nature, I get it.

When it comes to work I have heard the adage that people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers. The reason why this is important if you’re a manager is that you have to pay attention to your turnover rate. If you can’t keep employees – and you want to grow a team and not keep building one – then you’ll have to look at your approach. Is it a more satisfying garden because you planted fully grown trees or because you nurtured their growth since they were seedlings?  If you’re an employee then you have to make sure that you know what you want in a manager and interview them as much as they interview you. Are they good at developing employees? Do they nurture growth or stunt it?

The reason why I say ‘fire your manager’ is to make the point that you’re not just there to make your manager look good, you’re to manage up and ensure that you get the guidance you need. You have the power to leave. We are no longer in a time where careers are expected to be built in one company. If you’ve tried various approaches and this isn’t the relationship you need, you are not trapped, move on.

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