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Filling vs Fulfilling Work

Freelancing has me sensitive to the shifting sands of my schedule. I even see it in my fellow entrepreneurs where an empty schedule turns into a panic about not making enough money, being unable to eat, and regretting previous choices. The thing about career satisfaction is that you can do a bunch of things – busy work – and it does not get you anywhere nor allow you to feel satiated. In talking with Coach Stefanie Zeep, I realized a few things about this rush to fill a calendar:

  • It comes from a lack mindset where I assume this is all there is because this is all I see
  • It stems from fear which I tie to my Hyper Achiever Saboteur.
  • Passive acceptance means seeding your autonomy to outside forces

The cost of filling a calendar from that sense of lack is that you put them in busyness and then there are unintended consequences like not having time for the things that matter. Instead, I want to be mindful to:

  • Operate from an abundance mindset, being discerning about what to take on
  • Focus on picking the right thing for right now vs trying to do all things
  • Notice if the timing is right by seeing if it feels like you have to make things come together or if things flow together naturally
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So where do I go from here? I will sit with this, understanding that even if my ship were to come in, it doesn’t mean I have to board it right away. I can take my time and enjoy the process. What’s next for you?

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