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Explaining a Career Downshift

By Tiffany A. Dedeaux 

Photo from Sid Leigh on Unsplash

On occasion, the question comes up: how do I explain that? I want to step down a level in a role when it feels like all of society or a certain stage of career or life has us always trying to get to the next level, but maybe you like where you are and you want to try different things.

The whole thing to do is explain your rationale and a good place to do that is in networking and in the cover letter, that is where you can tell your story. Making it make sense for yourself makes it easier for you to communicate that to other people. Telling that story and making sure that you get that point across makes it make sense to the potential employer so that they are more likely to give you that call back for the interview.

If it looks like you are just biting time and they are renting you for a few months or weeks, that may not be as good of an investment. But if they see you committed to this type of role, and you have your reasons why, and there are things that you are working on for yourself, and this is a good fit right now, then that is more likely to be worth the investment for everybody involved.
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