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Enacted & Maintained

By Tiffany A. Dedeaux

A recycled bag I was testing ripped, and that saddened me.  Why do I think things should last?  Health, goods, change, these all need to be maintained or terminated.  These are the last two stages of self-directed change

Photo by Akil Mazumder from Pexels

What this means is that, with any change you enact, you come to a point, where you decide whether you’re going to discontinue or maintain the change and, like seasons, the process begins all over again.

What has caught my attention in thinking about maintenance is that my health isn’t what it used to be, and I have had to adjust what I do to maintain a satisfactory level of care. The same is true for my home.  Where I live suffers from previous owners not maintaining it.  I think about that as I recall a conversation with a retired gentleman who marveled at how his once-dream-home now requires so much work.  If nothing ever stays the same, then at some point, change must be enacted or maintained.


If everything required maintenance, how does that change your perspective on Happiness?  Career? And on a different scale: Landfills? Water? Earth?

Resource List

Changing for Good:  A Revolutionary Six-Stage Program for Overcoming Bad Habits and Moving Your Life Positively Forward by James O. Prochaska

Rooted in Water:  The Importance of Story to Ecopsychology and the Beginning of a Practice in Narrative Ecopsychology by Tiffany A. Dedeaux


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