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Embrace Change 

I wanted to share thoughts on why I consider full-time to be and embrace the season. Part of that is because usually changes afoot, fall is the time of year when I noticed that hiring picks up and that corresponds when students go back to school, children go back to school. Then the hiring picks up somewhere, uh, the beginning of, or middle of September.

And then I also started to notice that that’s my favorite time of year, uh, that the leaves start to turn and you get the pop of color cause I’m in Washington state. Then the leaves, when the storms come, the leaves fall off and it, it can be a very sad time because then I realized winter is coming. Winter is here Game of Thrones. Thank you. Then the starkness of the trees without the leaves is a bit much and a bit sad.

So this is a time that I consider embracing the change and embracing the process because, for every Fall and Winter, there is a Spring.

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