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Ego Strength Marketing

I reached out to a marketing expert to come and visit with another small business owner.  He declined, saying he’s getting out of the biz and deploying his skills on his own behalf. It seems his last straw was a client on the third or fourth rebranding scheme of the year coming in with new ideas.  The new ideas weren’t good, and even the second consultant agreed.

The thing is with all the ideas that were tested, one was the clear winner and it came from a fourth party. Didn’t matter what idea won, the second consultant wanted to do what they wanted to do, the business owner just went with their idea, and the expert is now pivoting to a new crowd-sourcing business model.

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Business people are brainstorming

His point?  It’s called marketing because you cater to what the market wants and not your own ego-driven desires.

What does your market want from your business?  From you as a job candidate?

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