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Document Your Decisions

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Ready for some spring cleaning in your career? It will be easier to toss out what isn’t working for you if you know it no longer serves its purpose. This is precisely why I am a proponent of documenting your decisions so you can refer back to them when the stuff hits the fan or you plan your next move. Key ways I see this showing up with clients include:

  • Trying to remember the original intent of a project or role in a startup
  • Recognizing that the role or approach needs to change during an expansion
  • Identifying what the parameters are when asking for change

The first step is to document the decision and the context that was made when you planned your strategy. Even better than that, what wins can you celebrateand move on from so you can make room for more opportunities?

The second step is to refer back to this document so you remember both your intent and the context. If you wish you had documented previous decisions, now’s the time to stop and reflect on what got you here (even if it won’t get you there).

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