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Constant State of Change

If a business isn’t growing, it’s declining. That, as you know, is one of the messages I’ve taken from reading Fire Someone Today by Logos CEO Bob Pritchett. While I picture a business to be a fish needing to keep moving in order to get the oxygen required to breathe, a pastor recently mentioned that those who are healthy and growing are in a constant state of change. I think that’s important to note because anyone I work with, one of the first things we do is look at where they are in the stage of change. Since my practice is nature-based, often the seasons resonate. What is interesting to me about the seasons as an example of a ‘constant state of change’ is that it’s a cycle that never ends. Each year, each stage, is similar to the last time it was experienced but you are not the same as you were a year ago when you traveled that path. You will not be the same next year when you travel this way.

What have you let go of in the last twelve months? How are you in a different place than you were a year ago?

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