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Confidence is a Muscle


Motivation.By Tiffany A. Dedeaux

If you thought of your confidence as a muscle, what would change about how you approach different situations in your life or career?  Confidence does not have to ebb and flow; it can be an intentional expression of who you are in any given moment.  When you’re confident, acknowledge it.  Recognize what it took for you to be confident in that situation.  If you’re insecure, you must also acknowledge it, and identify what caused your doubts to surface in that moment.  Like any good workout involving muscle you must give your confidence a workout with:

  • Intention.  Do things that specifically help you feel or build your confidence.  Isolate and focus on confidence in order to give it a workout.   
  • Challenge.  Do things that are increasingly difficult.  You don’t just want to build your confidence, you want to strengthen and lengthen it.
  • Routine.  Do things in a regular, sustainable way so that you don’t lose the confidence you gain. This can be something as simple as reading affirmations or as involved as learning a new sport or skill.


By working on your confidence on a continual basis you’ll know where you stand in each situation that presents itself.

In which area of your life or career do you need to start a ‘confidence’ workout routine?

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