Career Coaching

To come to nature, feel its power, let it help you, one needs time and patience for that.  Time to think, to figure it all out. ~ John (Fire) Lame Deer

Tiffany A. Dedeaux
ICF Career Coach

What sets me apart as a Career Coach is my talent for connecting ideas that show up in your work so you can see your bigger picture and pinpoint what’s next. We will bring nature into our coaching work through: 

  • Outdoor experiences 
  • Creative metaphors
  • Meaningful stories

As time in nature can help you feel more alive and think 20-50% more clearly, my practice, Sacred Time, will help connect your past with your present, your future to this new story, and you to your inner wisdom.   The beautiful thing about focusing on reflection and practical application is that you can go out in nature on your own and come back and work with me virtually.

When You’re Ready

You can check out what my clients are saying to explore what it’s like to work with me, or you can simply schedule your time below. You won’t get anywhere standing still, so you can start with the Get Unstuck Buzz Session so that together we can clarify your vision of the future and determine your next steps.


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