To come to nature, feel its power, let it help you, one needs time and patience for that.  Time to think, to figure it all out. ~ John (Fire) Lame Deer

What sets Sacred Time apart as a career development partner is that we excel at connecting ideas that show up in how you work and help you see the bigger picture so that you can better pinpoint what is next for you. We do this, in part by incorporating nature metaphors to help you think outside the box.

To help you connect your past with your present, your future to this new story, and you to your gut, we focus on actionable insights that honor all of who you are for any stage of your career.

Bee before building a hive to represent an independent contributor (IC)

Career Coaching

As a worker bee, there is a lot to do. Together we’ll uncover what gets you buzzing with passion so you can find work that will make life a little sweeter.

Bee holding 3 blocks of honecomb showing stage of hive building.

Leadership Coaching

Begin building teams and the next level of career achievement as a new manager through coaching conversations that help you bring new awareness to life.

Bee building a hive to represent career development.

Executive Coaching

Invest in a bigger vision that allows you to be Queen Bee. When you are ready for things to be different, set aside the time to do different.

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