Career Services

Great change can come from small, seemingly insignificant things.  ~ Betty Roszak

Tiffany A. Dedeaux 
ICF Career Coach

As a Career Coach, I understand that change happens by chance or by choice, so I will help you pinpoint where you are in your career journey and where you want to go next.

My focus, just as with coaching, includes identifying and responding to changing careers, learning to embrace new roles, getting clear about and implementing your new life vision which – for some – includes dealing with the grief and loss of a job.

All good stories hinge on turning points, dramatic moments when the clouds part, and the truth is revealed.  ~ Herminia Ibarra 

To help you get where you are going in your career I will share 20+ years of career development experience with you through personalized coaching, consulting, or carefully tailored career service programs that can be delivered as group seminars or as self-directed journeys. These offerings are geared toward helping you process your experience with the practical application of key insights to your career.  

Career Coaching

Career Coaching is the foundation to our career services. These thought partnership sessions help to clarify your vision so that you can take the next steps with confidence. We begin with a single 30-minute coaching conversation and progress to a package or program tailored to your individual needs.

Job Search Support

Here are the key landmarks for the next step in your job search:

Career GPS is a monthly subscription program designed to position new grads and entry-level professionals for success in their job search.  Resources include online curriculum that addresses resumes, networking, interviews, salary negotiations, and impostor syndrome. Group coaching and unlimited messaging bolster the support.

Resume Writing packages offer everything you need to ignite an effective job search including a cover letter, LinkedIn profile, resume/CV, and an interview or strategy session that leverages current market trends including accounting for applicant tracking systems (ATS) with recruiter-designed layouts. 

Still Have Questions?

You can join me for Career Q&A, a free information session where I will share the mission and vision of Sacred Time and answer questions in a group, virtual setting.

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