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Career PTSD

By Tiffany A. Dedeaux 

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I will say that I started working with grief and coaching because I noticed how hard it could be to get past certain challenges or obstacles in a job search or in a career. I have been in some toxic workplaces and some of them can carry on and still be a part of your experience if you do not address them.

So I think of it as, rather than hiding, healing -and healing is feeling those feelings, acknowledging that you have every right to feel as you do. Sometimes the word betrayal feels appropriate. Even with all of that, you can turn this around to your advantage and own your power. How do you do that? I am so glad you asked! One of the ways that I could see is very helpful comes from my studies of ecopsychology in our relationship with the rest of nature and how that story can open us up to healing.

Part of this can be ritual and I recognize that ‘ritual’ is part of the word ‘spiritual’. However you approach this, you can be intentional about it, but setting up some kind of process experiment where you could address or acknowledge your feelings. I mean something like writing down all the things that bug you, and then putting that paper, especially if it is dissolving paper, in water and watching it melt away, burning it in a safe environment. I am just going to point that out: burning that paper in a safe environment, burying it, walking a labyrinth, and sharing offerings with nature. For me, it was pouring out water for others. It would be offering tobacco in the center of that labyrinth. So whatever seems appropriate for you and aligns with who you are and how you feel, you need to express this safely so that you are no longer hurt and nobody else gets hurt. Release that.

And then you could go into a job search or career transition and be your authentic self without carrying that wound with you.

Now, that is a tough thing to do, but the important aspect of this is about owning your power being your most authentic self, and living your best life. This isn’t about anybody else, but you.
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