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Career Power = Choice + Voice

You are more powerful than you realize. I found myself saying this a few times this past week. Each time I encountered a leader feeling stuck or overwhelmed by a situation, a conversation, or a system, when we peeled back the layers I noticed one of two things ignited change:

The Power of Choice

Choosing to approach a situation differently can generate different results. What first comes to mind for me is garbage in / garbage out. Even if you do not put garbage into a conversation but you are feeling like you are getting garbage out, change your input. This gives you the chance to get something different or to give the other person the chance to provide you with a different response. In one sense you’re giving them cover.

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In The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women: And Men: Why Capable People Suffer from the Impostor Syndrome and How to Thrive in Spite of It, Valerie Young, Ed.D. reveals that combating Impostor Syndrome can be as simple as changing our definition of success. Here I am suggesting that changing our choice can get us a different outcome.

The Power of Your Voice

One shift I notice with leaders is in how they use their voice in different situations. Sometimes this is not whether you use your voice but how.

This does not mean, necessarily, standing center stage when you prefer waiting in the wings or speaking truth to power, but more how you honor your truth and speak up for yourself or give voice to what you need.

One single shift – like saying thank you instead of apologizing when you do something – can make all the difference.

How will you choose to use your voice going forward?
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