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ST Career Gps

Feeling lost in your job search? Sacred Time can help you find your way.

Career GPS is a program designed to position you for success during the marathon of the job search.

Success doesn’t just happen when you arrive at a destination; it is achieved in preparation and revealed in the journey.  It is also possible to achieve a goal and not feel satisfied. With this program, you get insight into industry best practices, carefully curated resources, and thoughtful activities that help set you up for short- and long-term career development.

Sacred Time - Career GPS - Find Your Way

This program includes:

  • Unlimited access to a Certified Career Coach through email or appropriate messaging service.
  • Strategic resources and support for the job search from networking and tapping into the hidden job market to addressing impostor syndrome and salary negotiations.
  • Access to online content to help guide you through best practices in writing your resume and cover letter.
  • Monthly group coaching sessions where you can build connections and get questions answered.

You can supplement your journey with individual coaching sessions that take these exercises to the next level with personal application fitting your immediate situation, accountability measures that will help keep you on track, and a partner to witness your growth and celebrate your victories.

Are You Ready?

Please know that Career GPS is an ideal option for new grads, career changers targeting the tech industry, and entry-level job seekers looking to be empowered and informed through job search support.

Whether you are “career cushioning” by proactively preparing for a job search or need to begin one immediately, you can:

Thank you for choosing Sacred Time to join you on this journey.

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