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Career Change Portfolio Inspiration

By Tiffany A. Dedeaux

Photo from Ross Findon on  Unsplash

Here is an idea for a career change: the networking strategy. Reach out to people who have been in the career for a moment, which means they are mid-career in this industry or senior level. There are a couple of things that you can do. 

You can look through their portfolio. I do a lot with the tech industry, so that is why I say portfolio: design. If you are in broadcasting, you are going to try to look up on YouTube or Vimeo somebody who is real. Essentially, you want to see their sample of work to understand how they approach different ways of laying out a project, storytelling techniques, how it is laid out, and what they focus on.

You should do that not just to learn, but to be inspired. You want to do this just like networking,  vertically and not just horizontally. You want to go up a level versus just networking with the people that you would be working with or that are at the same career stage. You want to do the same thing when you review a portfolio and you want to be able to tap into and work with your discernment so that you can notice that someone is a junior level designer versus a mid-career or senior level.

How can I look at the aspects underneath what you can see and not just, the gloss and refinement of the portfolio? Look at the decision-making and then at how you put your portfolio or your case studies together. That will be a way for you not to just challenge yourself, to deepen your experience, to deepen what you show. It is a great way for you to also learn different approaches for the people who have the same style as you do. And maybe that is somebody you want to reach out to and start networking.

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